Ariana Gavrilis

Ariana Gavrilis and Nick Fradiani on March 4th

Ariana Gavrilis

Ariana Gavrilis Ariana Gavrilis and Nick Fradiani to perform at La Boca’s Mardi Gras Bash Tuesday March 4th! 

Ariana Gavrilis from The Wild Ones and Nick Fradiani from Beach Avenue have teamed up as an acoustic duo. Each performer well known for their charisma and talent in venues all over the East Coast, they will be performing songs ranging from classic rock today’s chart topping hits. Ariana, known for her triple threat of beauty, talent, and her quirky personality, and Nick, for his amazing vocals and guitar playing these two are sure to deliver and make La Boca’s Mardi Gras Bash a Blast! Ariana and Nick will go on and 9pm.

This years Mardi Gras party is on March 4th and boasts to be nothing less than a great Tuesday night!  We will be featuring custom Mardi Gras masks by Team Rainbow Designs which will also be on sale.  We will have drink specials, t-shirt give aways and a special menu for the evening.


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    One thought on “Ariana Gavrilis and Nick Fradiani on March 4th

    1. sully and bethe

      love la boca
      great food, great vibe
      cant wait for mardi gras party with arianna and nick playing march 4


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