September 29, 2013

The Path

the path at La Boca

When was your band formed? The Path was formed in 2009 by guitarist David Abrahamian in Farmington, CT.  The band has always been a 4 piece.  Over the years there have been some lineup changes, however all members have always been longtime musicians in various other bands. How did the band get its name? The band […]

Hat Trick

hat trick

Hat Trick is a four-piece party rock band based out of Marlborough,  CT. Formed in 2001 by guitarist Kevin McNally, Hat Trick’s sole  mission is to bring good times and rock ‘n’ roll wherever they go.  Add to the mix a fun crowd and a little Tequila and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an unforgettable […]

Rebel Radio

Rebel radio at La boca

When was Rebel Radio formed? (Elaborate on any stories…) Rebel Radio formed in the fall of 2009. We were a different lineup back then, but the core group remains the same through today. Back then we had two guitarists, bass, drums and a female vocalist. We were called The Situation, but with MTV’s “The Jersey […]